Santos Food strives to provide a wide variety of tropical ingredients found in the Brazilian and global flora to the international market. The quality is guaranteed through our ever growing knowledge and understanding of the products and it applications. Regulatory and quality requirements are always fundamental on how we operate. These requirements are habitually established by law, international independent regulators and industry defined quality standards. The importance of protecting, giving back and maintaining the delicate environment we work with is our duty. We have stood for this for the last 30 years and still continue to do so to this day.



Santos Enterprise Food is specialized in tropical fruits, supplying concentrates, purees and powders. As end-consumers demanding more and more social responsibility, also Santos Enterprise Food is integrated in the chain of biological product supplies. We, as a wholesaler of raw and semi-finished materials including single strength and concentrated fruit juices, are SKAL certified (023271) guanteeing that we import/export organic-certified foods throughout the world from our office in the Netherlands (Rotterdam; fruitport of Europe). SKAL is commissioned by the ministry of economic affairs. The certificate is issued by the European Council of regulations.

It’s our duly responsibility to state that several terms within bio-industry must be distinguished in order to create transparency. Within the comprehensive ecosystem, terms like biodynamic, organic, ecologic and biologic are commonly used interchangeably, but cover different practices. The bio-certificate to which the SKAL certificate is related, proves that the products have been produced according legal prescriptions in order to be called ‘biological’ or ‘organic’., Despite other terms, ‘biological’ is the only term that covers international recorded laws and regulations throughout the whole chain. The certification means that throughout the whole product chain, the ‘biological’ or ‘organic’ product was not aggregated nor manipulated by genetic modification, chemical pesticides, synthetic adjuvants and/or antibiotics.

We offer an extensive range of organic products, of which mostly acai and acerola purees and concentrates. You may either search for organic by using the ‘search bar’, or directly go to the product you are looking for. If an organic variety is available, this will be highlighted within both the title and a ‘100% organic stamp’. You may find our SKAL certification number on the bottom of all product specifications.


IFS Broker was created to ensure the safety and quality of products filling the gap between production and distribution. Trading partners expect broker, agents, and importers to communicate their product requirements to manufacturers and that these specifications will be understood and implemented.

The standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Brokers, agents, and importers must also monitor their supplier’s compliance with these issues so that supplied products meet regulatory and contractual specifications.