Açaí – Powerful Antioxidant

Açaí – Powerful Antioxidant

Açaí – Powerful Antioxidant

Species native to the Amazon Region, the Açaí (Euterpe oleracea; Euterpe precatoria) is a small, rounded, dark purple fruit, similar in appearance and size to a grape but with fewer pulp. It has always been a very important food in the diet of northern Brazilians, since pre-Columbian times, but became a trend in the other parts of the country only in the nineties, where it was AÇAÍ
– and is still consumed cold as the one and only “açaí na tigela” (açaí in the bowl).

Because of its exceptionally high values in dietary fiber, 6 & 9 omegas and ORAC (antioxidant strength). It didn’t take long to become a star in other countries as well, mainly in the USA, which revealed Açaí to the world as a “Super fruit”


Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which prevents premature ageing, acts as antiinflammatory, has alimentary fibers and promotes digestive system health.

Potassium contributes to the balance in arterial pressure, improving the organism’s defense against diseases.

Calcium is much more than bone reconstruction and healthy teeth. It is widely used for blood coagulation, muscle contractions and the bone’s cellular renovation.

Iron is an important component in treating anemia and for muscle strengthening.

Mono and Polyunsaturated fat (Omegas 6 and 9) which promotes cardiovascular health, maintains normal cholesterol levels and has anti-cancer properties.

Complex B act in organism maintenance, developing and promoting better behaviour for the nervous system.

Vitamin C acts like an antioxidant, responsible for cell protection and the human body system. It’s vital for the production of collagen, providing many benefits for the cardio vascular system, helping in the maintenance of blood circulation, free from harmful cholesterol (LDL).

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps to combat the signs of premature ageing.


Commonly consumed as juice or in a bowl, the açaí berry can also be used in the composition of functional beverages, jams, jellies and ice creams, with the objective of preserving the natural benefits of açaí, being a great source of energy and nutrients for children, as well as for adolescents and adults.

The berry is also used in different categories, such as the nutraceutical sector, that take advantage of its natural functional characteristics. In these cases, the fruit can be used in different formats, like powder, for example.

It is also valid to mention the Açaí oil, which has chemical properties that cause various beneficial effects in the human body and can be used as cosmetics, such as soaps and moisturizers.

Months of crop



Açaí products
FruitTypeBrixGross weight drum (Kg)Net weight drum (Kg)Availability
AçaíPulp – 12% solids2-5 brix195180All year
Clarified3 brix195180
Concentrate 22-25% solids7-13 brix195180
Concentrate clarified12 brix200185
Concentrate clarified18 brix210195
Concentrate clarified24 brix210195
Freeze Dried Acai Powder10 kg
Freeze Dried Organic Acai Powder10 kg
Package200 liters metallic drum with two bags inside
20’FCL – until 70 drums // 40’FCL – until 148
Reefer containers