Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit, originally from Africa, that contains only 46 calories per cup but with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A as well as with many healthy plant compounds. Because of its hydration properties, it is most consumed in warm seasons.



Boosts the immunity because of its vitamins and mineral salts, that prevents respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Since it is 90% made of water, the watermelon helps in the body hydration and in the diuretic effect.

Rich in nutrients, it is a source of energy with low carbohydrate amount, being a good ally in the loss of weight.



Orange can be freshly consumed, as the fruit itself or as juices, as well as in recipes for cakes, jams and desserts. Its shell is also used for teas or for recipes complements.

Months of Crop





Watermelon products
Fruit Type Brix Gross weight drum (Kg) Net weight drum (Kg) Availability
Watermelon Pulp 8 – 10 brix 195 180 All year
Concentrate 40 brix 195 180
Concentrate 65 brix 195 180
Package 200 liter metallic drum with two bag inside
20’ FCL until 70 drums // 40’ FCL – until 148
Reefer containers