A lime is a citrus fruit, usually smaller then a lemon. The fruit is scientifically known as ‘Citrus Aurantiflora’. 100 gram of Lime, provides 35% of the daily value vitamin C. As it contains a high acidity, it is often considered as powerhouse to accent or bring out the flavors in foods and beverages.


It is a very common ingredient in authentic Mexican, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern cuisines. The acid value is indicated on the product specification with the variable GPL (gram per liter). Lime juice has a medicinal effect. The citrus fruit contains numerous of nutrients. Especially the flesh and peel contain several phytochemicals. These are mineral and aromatic hydrocarbons with an organic compound that are primal nutrients of which vitamins and antioxidants are derived from.


Some of the health benefits include weight loss, skin care and recovery from all kinds of human ailments like fevers, arthritis and heart diseases. Therefore, the product is not only used for oral consumption, but also within the industry for health and beauty cosmetics.